The best way to play football in Spain is by attending an international football academy in Barcelona. We are one of the top academies in Europe and we offer young players different types of programs to help them develop their skills. Becoming a pro player is hard and needs a lot of intense training, creating well-rounded players is easier with the proper training methodology. Keep reading to learn about our programs and methodology.


10 months football program

The 10 months football program is the best program to help you become a pro football player. It’s a well-known fact that to become a proficient football player you will need talent, hard work, and the best training available. That’s why we have been developing our football program for more than a decade to give young players the chance to learn from the best football academy in Spain.

By attending our international football academy you will improve and be able to get your game to the next level through the most advanced training and high exposure in youth football tournaments. Our 10 months football program is the best way to play football in Spain while experiencing Barcelona. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our program for young players like you.

club training

6 months football program

At Kaptiva Sports Academy, we are concerned about your growth, development, evolution, progress, and your journey to becoming a football star. That’s why we give you the possibility to experience our academy for 6 months. We will make it easy for you to train and study while having a great time in Barcelona. Do not hesitate and let us know if you are interested in our football programs.

Our 6 months football program goes from January to June and is a great way to develop your game with the best competition against other players your age. You will be able to play at the best youth tournament in Europe. You can read our international football tournaments post to learn more about it.  This football program will help you grow while enjoying life in Barcelona, one of the football capitals in the world.

One week program

Our one-week football program will help you improve without even trying and maximize every training session to get a cohesive and strong evolution. It will be an amazing week experiencing the best training methodology available in Europe. It’s a great way to get a little taste of the academy and you will get the chance to play football in Spain for a week.

Developing your awareness on the field will also give you new tools to understand the best way to proficiency showcase your talent. We will create the perfect environment to develop your game and to help become the best player you can be.


Summer camps football program

Our summer football camp in Barcelona will train you to be the best when it comes to being quick with the ball and to coordinate effectively in the game. Football games are won by the team’s efforts and not only by individual efforts. You will be trained in all essential aspects of the game like dribbling and shooting. International experience and the best activities in Barcelona will make your summer stay the best experience of a lifetime.

Play football in Spain

A great way to improve your football skills is to spend a full year at an international football academy developing all your skills. You will be able to train and develop all your football skills with the best coaching and a great environment to grow. You can also study while experiencing an amazing training year. You can contact us to learn more about our international football academy. We will help you grow you football skills and you will get the chance to compete at the highest level in spain.