Meet Asvin Chauhan hailing from Canada. The first year Kaptiva Sports Academy player may be new to our program, but not the Catalan soccer scene. The 15-year-old cadet player has been living in Spain for 6 years and has played in Spanish local teams these past years. After a friend told him about Kaptiva Sports Academy, his family decided to request information and ultimately found that it was the perfect place for him to continue to develop.

In September, Asvin moved into the KSA residence hall in Sant Cugat, and started his season as a KSA player. With Kaptiva’s close relationship with local high-level teams, Asvin was recruited to play at Sant Cugat Futbol Club in the cadet preferente team. The club is a feeder club for giant teams like FC Barcelona among others. The local clubs privileged location also allows them to play in the competitive Catalan soccer federation and play in league games against extremely talented teams. This year Asvin’s team has big opponents like RCD Espanyol and CF Damm in their league group and plays them throughout the season.

“It’s been a good season so far, we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve been playing really good teams. This week we were playing Espanyol and were 1-1 but last minute they scored…. it’s frustrating but it okay we just have to keep our heads up and keep going” says Chauhan. Although Asvin plays the league and trains weekly with Sant Cugat he remains a Kaptiva Sports Academy player meaning he has our sports psychologist to his disposal and works with him on mental coaching and strength which is vital for success as an athlete. Asvin lives, attends school, trains weekly, and attends all the perks of the KSA program although he plays club soccer with Sant Cugat FC.

Kaptiva Sports Academy technical director Oriol Alcázar monitors closely his development at both clubs and says “he has excellent potential. He can move at pace with and without the ball, able to change direction effortlessly without slowing down. Defenders struggle to contain him” about the cadete player. Asvin feels the same sentiment claiming “Kaptiva has helped me develop a lot this year. The grind this year is so much more and the results show.” We’re proud to have top players like Asvin in our academy and can’t wait to see him continue to develop under the KSA program.