We want to help you develop your football skills in order to become a great footballer. There are a lot of ways to improve your game, but the best one is to breathe football every week. Make sure to keep reading to learn about the best methodology created to help young football players grow. Our academy has been developing players like you for almost a decade and will provide the best environment to improve your football skills.


Football drills

Football drills are always fun and can help you develop your passing skills, attacking skills, and to improve your ball control. You will be able to learn to develop good timing on the pass and to use the appropriate surface when striking the ball. Developing your first touch is vital when controlling the ball, but the movement is crucial to develop your awareness.

There are a lot of different football drills, but you must train hard and always give 100% of your effort. You will become a better player if you practice every day on the field. Push pass, chip pass, instep pass, every exercise will focus on a different football skill to help you develop as pro players do. Every day you will get a step closer to reaching your full potential.

Tactical training

Take some time to analyze ball movement when pro teams attack and use video analysis to develop your football IQ. You must focus on defensive balance to learn about the best way to steal the ball. Developing the best football players is about playing but also understanding how to play the game in order to succeed.

There a lot of different football strategies that you will face during the games. Although it might seem a little bit boring in the beginning, it will give you the tools to grow to become an all-around player. Football tournaments are also an amazing way to develop your football skills because you will be able to develop while competing.

Football tournaments

Teamwork and competition are vital to succeed when training to develop your football skills. By competing you will be able to experience real game situations and will be faced with big challenges. International tournaments are the best-proven way to show your talents against other players your age. You can learn more by reading our post about the best international football tournaments.

Spain is the football capital of Europe. Some of the best football teams in football history are located in this beautiful country. MIC is one of the most important youth tournaments in the world that our football players get the chance to experience every year. Contact us if you want to learn about the admission process to play for our team.


International football academy

The best youth football academy has to provide players not only the best training methodology available but also a great residence to live abroad. A well-structured training methodology can help young players grow every day. Our international football academy offers a 10-month program to train and will give you the chance to play the Catalan league in Spain.

Our international academy in Spain also provides education at a great school near the residence. It’s so close that you will be able to see it from your room while having a good time with your friends. The common spaces in the residence are the ideal place to relax and make friends. With a flat-screen TV, a Playstation and Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your free time as you prefer.

Are you interested in playing for our team? Make sure to contact us and we will give you all the information. The academy has very limited spots, but you can still learn and develop your football skills with us.