A residential soccer summer camp is a great way toy to develop your skills while having fun during the summer. You will be able to train and play with other players like you. Our coaches will help you learn about essential aspects of the game like dribbling and shooting. The most amazing activities in Barcelona will make your summer stay an experience to remember.


Youth soccer development

The ideal youth soccer development academy is the one that provides not only a great learning experience but also a well-structured training methodology. Every young player needs to train daily to develop as pro players do. Becoming the best player on the field is about hard work and a lot of effort.

With our professional coaching methodology, you will be able to learn and develop aiming towards your full potential. We have a 10-month program for players from all over the world, and the residential soccer camp is a great way to get a taste of our winning methodology. At Kaptiva Sports Academy you will be able to learn some important tips thanks to our professional training staff.

Residential soccer camp

Our residential soccer camp provides players not only the best training methodology available but also a great residence to live abroad. You will be spending two weeks living in our amazing residence near the soccer field. It’s so close that you will be able to see it from your room while having a good time with your friends.

The common spaces in the residence are the ideal place to relax and make friends. With a flat-screen TV, a Playstation and Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your free time as you prefer. All meals are includes and you will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona. All training sessions will help you grow and develop to become the best player you can be.

Summer camp in Barcelona

The best summer camp in Barcelona is a great way to enjoy summer while training like pro players do. We will train you to be the best when it comes to being quick with the ball and coordinating effectively in the game. Living with other young players from all over the world will help you grow your skills but also make you a better person. Diversity is a must when attending a residential summer camp.

This summer camp in Barcelona includes a trial at the best international soccer academy. You will get the chance to play for a Kaptiva Sports team from September to June, an amazing opportunity that only a few players get the chance to experience. The summer camp has very few spots available, make sure to register for our camp now. Click here to learn more about the best summer camp in Barcelona.


10-month soccer program

The 10 months soccer program is without a doubt the best program available in Europe to become the train and develop to become the best player on the field. Our experience training young players for almost a decade has made us the best option for youth soccer development.

Every great player has a few things in common: talent, hard work, and the best training available. That’s why we offer an amazing 10-month soccer program to young players who are looking to improve their soccer skills. By attending our international soccer academy you will improve and be able to get your game to the next level through the most advanced training and high exposure in youth soccer tournaments.

Our residential summer camp in Barcelona will allow you to get accepted to our 10-month soccer program. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our programs for young players like you.