Do you want to know how to choose the best boarding school? Since we started our international soccer academy in Spain, we understood how important it is to offer a great boarding school to all of our players. They want to enjoy a year playing soccer and developing but it’s also really important to give them the experience of living and studying at the best place possible.


High School academics

The first thing you should know is that learning and developing is all about studying hard with a well-structured High School program that makes you a complete person. By attending to our elite academy you will get the chance to study at the best boarding school in Spain. We have boarding schools in Barcelona and Madrid to choose from.

Academics is a key part of every player evolution. If you want to choose the best boarding school in Spain you must take the academics into consideration. A good high school program will help you learn and fully develop as a human in order to succeed. It’s vital to get a good education to help you get ready to become a pro player.

boarding school in barcelona

The residence

If you want to study at an elite boarding school in Europe, look for the one that offers the most amazing residence possible. Our academy in Barcelona provides an outstanding residence in the beautiful residential town of Sant Cugat del Valles. Located only 20 minutes away from the Mediterranean sea. You will be living on the same campus where you will study and develop your soccer skills. Every Kaptiva player gets a chance to experience living at the best residence in Spain to develop and become a fully human person.

We are also starting a new program in Madrid with an amazing residence and an outstanding boarding school. If you want to learn more about our soccer programs, feel free to contact us. We are taking soccer everywhere, so make sure to check out our academies in Spain. You will be able to develop your skills and study an outstanding High School program. Our residences will be the ideal place to live while becoming a pro player,

The soccer experience

Everybody who has played for Kaptiva Sports Academy loves living the soccer experience in Barcelona. Your year with us is going to be awesome. With the best offensive drills to develop your attacking skills, you will learn about everything the pro players learn. Becoming a pro player is about training and competing against the best teams. Hard competition is the key to success.

Make sure to become an outstanding soccer player thanks to our yearly immersion into the soccer world.  We offer two great boarding schools in Barcelona and Madrid to develop your skills. You will be able to play every day and you will train like a pro to take your game to the next level. Get ready to live an amazing year with Kaptiva Sports Academy.


Sports development

If you’re looking for a sports development international academy and you love playing soccer, Kaptiva Sports Academy is the elite boarding school you should apply to. Choosing the best boarding school is very easy if you want to become a pro soccer player. Don’t waste your time at other academies because they usually offer a worse experience and due to their lack of experience training youth development teams.

We have been training young players for almost a decade. Our coaching team will develop your soccer skills and will prepare you to compete at the highest level. Check all the info on our website to learn more about our outstanding soccer programs. Learn how we make sure that all of our players get a great academic education.

How to choose the best boarding school

Choosing the best boarding school is possible if you know what you’re looking for. If you are interested in soccer development, make sure to come to Spain. A good academy will also offer the best residence in Barcelona and Madrid. So, don’t waste any more time and get ready to enjoy a wonderful year. Every great soccer player started developing at a very young age.

We always aim for a complete full development because we give our players a chance to become the best version of themselves. Register to one of our trials to start living your dream. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help registering for our trials.