We are going to give you a few tips to tell you how to become a great defensive player. soccer is one of the best team sports, and you always need to focus on your teammates. Balance and tactics is a must when developing your defensive soccer skills. Are you ready to play like the elite defensive player?

Tactical tip

In order to be a good defensive soccer player, it is very important to stay focus on your job as a part of the squad. Defense is about teamwork, pressing and determination. Playing hard is the best to evolve your skills and to get your game to the next level. Make sure to keep an eye on your defensive teammates to always place yourself in the right position. Remember you’re not alone in the field.

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Position tip

Everyone has its own position on the field, but it’s very important to be aware of the mistakes your teammates might be doing. You must recover their mistakes without leaving your opponent free to attack your goalkeeper.

Goalkeeping is also about playing soccer. You must use your goalie as a defensive player. Goalies were only meant to play the ball with their hands, but right now they must be proficient with their feet. They need to become a central defensive player and play the ball like any other player on the field.


Counterattack is vital when you are playing defense. A lot of the goals begin from that vital position. It’s not only about recovering the ball as starting your attack with advantage needed to succeed. Timing is always a must on the offensive end of the field.

You need to be ready to start attacking even before you control the ball. Waiting to recover the ball to start your new attack is never a great idea. Think in advance to always get a step ahead of your opponent. It’s the best way to play defense if you want to win your games.

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Offside line

All great defensive players know how to play when the game is on the line. They know when to get a step forward to leave your opponent offside. Making it happen is about understanding the game and playing with the confidence in your own skills.

A mistake might cost you a goal. In soccer you can’t give the opponent the advantage to score an easy goal. Make sure to play with your defensive teammates as a unit. If everyone plays their own game, you’ll probably lose a lot of games.


Balance is probably the most important thing to learn when playing defense. Remember to make things happen by thinking ahead of the game, you will become a better defensive player. By the way, defense is always a team effort. If you let yourself go, the whole team will suffer the consequences.  You must train your balance movement with your defensive squad to make sure that your defense squad works as a whole.


Final conclusions

In order to become the best defensive player, you need to train hard and learn about the tactics and balance of your position. Playing as a whole is also a must.  A single mistake can ruin all the team effort. Stay focus and try to play in advance, if you know what you’re going to do before getting the ball, for sure you’ll be ready to attack faster the other team.

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