The best European soccer academy in Barcelona offers a 10-month program to develop young players while giving them a chance to study High School. Together they will learn about their favorite sport and make friends during an amazing year to remember. Keep reading to learn about one of the best academies to play soccer in Europe.

Soccer training sessions

You will be able to spend every week developing your skills with the most advanced soccer training lessons. You will also compete every weekend with other teams on the Catalan league to learn how to exceed your skills and take your game to the next level. Becoming a great soccer player is your goal and we will help you make it.

Getting the best of our players is a must in the best European soccer academy. You will find other academies but they don’t have a well-proven methodology. Our DT, Oriol Alcazar, has created a balanced training methodology that gives the player a chance to improve every week. We have the knowledge and we will help you succeed at the best soccer academy in Spain.

football development in Madrid

Development academy soccer

A development academy soccer in Barcelona is the best way to develop your skills while still enjoying your training. Other cities in Europe don’t have the best weather, the food, and the activities that Barcelona has to offer. A multicultural city in western Europe that has a beautiful beach and the greatest mountains. It’s the perfect place to train and develop as a pro player in the world.

In order to spend 10 months playing and developing your game, you need to stay at the best residence possible. We have an amazing residence near the field where you will feel like home. Double rooms with bathroom cleaning service, common areas to relax during your free time and 24 hours supervision. The best place to stay and develop your soccer skills.

Barcelona soccer academy

Our soccer academy in Barcelona has been developing players for almost a decade with the best results. Our training methodology makes us the best academy to develop while studying high school in Europe. Personal development is always a must for KSA because becoming a fully prepared athlete is key to success. We make sure you get the best coaches and teacher to become a mature player.

You will train every week with your teammates at the elite soccer academy Spain and you will be able to assist in video analysis sessions to help you understand the best way to play your favorite sport. Our Spanish soccer school is amazing for young talented players who are looking to evolve their game and take a chance to become a pro soccer player.


European soccer Academy trials

If you attend one of our European soccer academy trials you will get the chance to become a KSA player. In order to apply to the best academy in Barcelona, you need to attend one of our trials or you can also ask for a personalized one. The best way to develop your soccer skills is to compete and play with the best players your age. You will also live in one of the most important cities in Europe.

We have players from all over the world and they live the best experience at our academy. They become great athletes thanks to our training methodology and they get to train as pro soccer players do. Make sure to contact us to start living your dream of becoming the next Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

You can learn more about our amazing soccer academy in Barcelona here or if you prefer to contact us we will help you with your doubts. Are you ready to show us your talent and to become a Kaptiva Sports  Academy player?