Football is one of the most widely played sports worldwide, especially in Europe. Since a young age, both boys and girls enjoy playing and developing their soccer abilities.
Throughout the years some may leave the sport, some may make it a mere hobby, while others will bet on it and continue forming their athletic capacity to one day hopefully be able to play on a professional level. This is the right moment to register in a specialized academy, like our soccer school in Spain or USA, Kaptiva Sports Academy.
We do not consider football a simple sport. We are aware that participating in this activity in a habitual manner results in large advantages, especially during childhood and adolescence.


  • Acquisition of values: upon practice, children learn to overcome themselves, acquire discipline and manners, alongside of how to work in groups to reach a common goal.
  • Development of learning abilities: To be taught plays and be capable to think of the adequate movements to use their skills at their highest potential. In regard to a team sport, socializing within teammates is also exercised.


  • Increase in muscular potential.
  • Blood receives more oxygen.
  • Peripheral vision is increased. Players must always be aware of their surroundings, not just what is directly in front of them.
  • Motor skills are increased highly. Balance, strength, and good posture are all improved.
  • Cardio muscular capacity is strengthened.
  • The femur’s bone density is augmented.
In Kaptiva Sports Academy we strive for a specific model of game that helps adolescent talents form in our soccer school in Spain or in the United States while benefiting from the mentioned benefits as growing personally.
We provide each player with the adequate resources to improve their level of play and become a skilled player who could play within the top categories, independently from their nationality or debuting country.
Kaptiva Sports Academy, taking football to the next level.