We did it again! As another way of creating the best experiences in Barcelona, our coaching team decided to create the first weekend tournament at Kaptiva Sports Academy. It was a great opportunity to grow and the most amazing way to spend a Saturday morning. Team building is a very important part of our international development program and we always focus on new ways to improve our methodology.


Team building weekend

You must enjoy every day at the international football academy in order to get the most of the experience. We use every weekend to create the perfect environment for our players to grow personally as well as technically. The first-weekend tournament took place and we all had a blast playing it. Without a doubt, we will repeat this experience in the future.

Every aspiring footballer needs to develop his skills on the field. By competing with other teams you’ll get the chance to test yourself weekly. During this difficult year, we have decided to use our weekends to create an even bigger bond with our players and professional coaches. They will spend quality time together on and off the football field.

Weekend tournament video

Since it was a team-building weekend, we decided to capture the moment. We took a lot of pictures and we have also created a great video to remember the experience. It was a great sunny day and we really had a good experience together. At Kaptiva Sports Academy we want our players to grow but also to have a lot of fun. Please check the video below and share it with all your friends!

KSA tournament

We decided to create different teams to compete on Saturday. All games were 3 minutes long and we spend over two hours having fun. Four teams of seven players were the basis for the first KSA tournament.  Everybody had a great time and a lot of funny experiences happened during the games. It was a great way to relax after a hard week, but it soon became very competitive!

Playing only three minutes made it even funnier. It was hard keeping score, but who cares, when having fun is the final goal. We want all of our players to improve their game but having a great experience and become a more mature person is a must. We focus on creating the best athletes and we love helping them grow as a well-rounded person. It’s our job to get the best of all of them.

You will become a better player if you practice every day on the field. Push pass, chip pass, instep pass, every exercise will focus on a different football skill to help you develop as pro players do. Every day you will get a step closer to reaching your full potential. Our KSA tournament allowed our great players to practice while having a lot of fun.


Ready to compete

We are waiting for the league to start but meanwhile, with our professional coaching methodology, we are learning and developing aiming towards your full potential. Our amazing 10-month program for players from all over the world is a great way to get a taste of our winning methodology.

At Kaptiva Sports Academy you will be able to learn some important tips thanks to our professional training staff. Competing is a must, and that’s why we are getting ready with everyday training and special activities during the weekend.  Our main goal is to give our players the chance to grow while helping them develop with the best training methodology in Spain.

Do you want to play for us? Registrations for next season are now open, feel free to contact us to learn more about the registration process. You can also learn more about our different programs on our website. Don’t forget to follow us on social media!