The success story of Jose Masllorens

//The success story of Jose Masllorens

The success story of Jose Masllorens


Who is Jose Masllorens?

Jose Masllorens played for Kaptiva Sports Academy during the 2014-2015 season. He developed his skills due to a great training from our coaches and his determination to keep improving himself. It’s always great to develop someone like him. The effort and dedication paid off. He evolved his game during the 10-month intensive training and he also learned to compete at the highest level. It wasn’t a surprise what happened after the kaptiva experience. jose masllorens

The competition

At Kaptiva Sports Academy we understand how important it is to play at a high level of competition. We have a great methodology that takes our players game to the next level due to intense training and the experience of having played over 40 games. He had the opportunity to shine while playing against top teams like Barcelona, Villareal, and Valencia. Obviously, the other teams took notice of Jose’s improvement. That’s what made him signed with a top La Liga team.

Girona FC signs Jose Masllorens

After the 2014/2015 season, the La Liga team decided to sign Jose to play on the Honor division with their younger team. He did really well, which made Girona decide to keep him for a couple of seasons. He played really well and everybody on the team liked the way he was developed at our academy. That was the main decision to renew him for another season with a top team in Spain. We are very happy for him, our job and his dedication has really paid off.

Would you be the next one?

We feel Jose is going to become one of the best players due to his effort and great teamwork. We developed him and helped him reach his full potential. If you want to train and develop as a professional elite academy, you should consider joining Kaptiva Sports Academy. We have a proven methodology that helps players to reach their full potential. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our awesome methodology and the different options you might have.]]>

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