Another great season started last month at Kaptiva Sports Academy, and as we do every year, all players and staff got together for a weekend to prepare for the new season. We trained really hard to get ready for an amazing year competing in the Catalan federation but we also had a lot of fun playing around nature.


Kaptiva Sports Academy stage 2020-2021

Vilanova de la Sau is a beautiful and quiet town located fifteen minutes from Vic. A very pleasant and quiet place surrounded by the perfect environment to carry out the best preparation for the beginning of the season. Our international soccer academy always prepares a stage with all the ingredients to be a resounding success.

The players enjoyed gathering as a team and doing intense training to prepare to compete at the highest level for the next 365 days. Physical training at the beginning of the season is always important to be able to play well all year long, but it is also a great opportunity to meet your teammates. It is the first step in building a great season for all of our players.

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Team Building

As we said, one of the most important aspects of the Kaptiva Sports Academy stage is getting to know each other and learning to work as a football team. That is why we use different games that make the stage not only sporty but an amazing and fun opportunity to enjoy nature..

It is vital to create a relaxed work atmosphere to help the boys improve to start the season with their batteries fully charged. Among the activities that the KSA team prepared for the occasion, the following stand out and made all players and staff enjoy the experience abroad even more:

Forming football words with your body

One of the most fun physical activities during the stage. The players had a hilarious time trying to form the words with their own bodies. Jumps, contortions, and really crazy faces were the delight of all players and staff. Laughter is the best seasoning for a perfect stage together and to create the bond to succeed during the season.

Imitate famous celebrations

One of the most successful games was to celebrate goals like famous football players. Cristiano’s jump with a big shouting “Uhhhh”, Messi’s seriousness with a straight face or some crazy historical celebrations that turned the exercise into a high-flying competition. Everyone had a great time performing the celebrations.


Top scoring players

This was an exercise about memory and knowledge of the most important sport in the world. It was about guessing the best scorers in the history of football but without being able to use technology. The environment helped a lot to want to work as was done before in the stages of the sports. The players and nature came together to spend an unforgettable weekend.

Broadcast a goal

The broadcast of KSA goals became a spectacle that we have not yet been able to forget. Without a doubt, football lives of the goal and the announcements of the best goals by our players were a test that everyone wanted to try. It was about enjoying both the training and the experience together, and boy did we get there!. They all were really happy after the stage ended. You can check out this video about the stage 2020-2021.

What to expect from the new season

While waiting for the start of the season games, the Kaptiva Sports players are preparing to spend a wonderful time playing football and developing as a professional player. Playing for an elite soccer academy is great if you do it in Barcelona. Our elite soccer academies offer young players the opportunity to develop as a professional player while studying high school in Spain. The KSA Stage in the 2020-2021 season was once again an opportunity to enjoy the best international soccer academy.

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