The best football drills to improve your game are the ones that basically focus on a specific development. Creating the best atmosphere to evolve your game is key when training to become a pro football player in Europe. Our academy has been training young talented players for almost a decade and has the most advanced football training programs in Barcelona.


Passing skills

Passing skills drills are the best-proven way to become efficient passing with both feet. You will be able to learn to develop good timing on the pass and to use the appropriate surface when striking the ball. Having a good first touch is vital when controlling the ball. There are a lot of different passes you need to practice, from push pass to chip pass, instep pass…

Remember to always keep your eye on the ball during contact and don’t forget to use your arms properly. They must be always away from your body to assist in balance. The purpose of training your passing skills is to reduce pressure and to créate the time and space that will help you advance towards your goals.

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Attacking drills

The main purpose of the attacking drills is to create opportunities through opening the space during the game. You must learn to create space and take the proper angles to assist as well to allow quick combination play to off-balance the defense. Good attacking players always créate the space by getting wide as well as going deep but always avoiding been outside.

Don’t forget that all your attacking skills will shine more if you focus your plays on finishing the attack with a shot on goal. Scoring is without a doubt the most important thing to remember when creating space on the football field. You will be able to learn all the secrets of the game if you train with our winning methodology. We have been developing players in Barcelona for almost a decade.

Defensive drills

There are two different types of defensive skills you will have to develop in order to become a proficient football player. Basically, you need to master one-on-one defending and also team defending. Using specific defensive drills will allow you to learn how to react in different defensive situations during the game. Knowing your role on the field will be key to success when playing football.

Pressure drills ara vital to learn about putting pressure on the attacking player and balance drills refers to the important ability to position yourself during the game. Covering is also very important to position yourself near the pressure in order to steal the ball and start attacking again. Every defensive drill will give you new tips to develop as a pro football player.


Best football drills

The best football drills are the ones created by an international football academy with enough experience to understand how football players need to develop. We always create specific challenges for our young talented players in order to help them grow and to give them the opportunity to become the best player on the field.

Talent is important but hard work is also key to become an outstanding player. We use intense training during the week and competition during the weekend to develop all-around players with the confidence to succeed in any given situation. In the end is about improving your football skills while learning about the game itself.

We understand how important it is to develop all your football skills to become the best player on the field. Don’t forget to learn about our football programs and please feel free to contact us if you want more info about our academy.