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Kaptiva Sports Academy Barcelona is an elite football academy. The Academy’s main goal is to offer the best annual football program to young talented soccer players from all over the world, helping them reach their full potential through a fully integrated football program.

More than an


  • Elite Soccer Training led and conducted by our Technical Academy Staff.

  • Competition at the highest level in games and tournaments, against national and international teams

  • Top Education & Language Program that will guarantee the complete education of the player.

  • Full development: academic, athletic and personal.

  • The possibility to be represented by a Kaptiva Sports authorized FIFA Player Agent, who can competently handle the football player’s career.*

  • The full commitment of an international Sports Company, with proven success in the soccer industry which also holds agreements with top professional Football Clubs and top football-related professionals worldwide.

Elite football

Individualized Training

 It is extremely important that young players practice their technical skills and improve their mobility when not practicing with their team.

All individual training sessions have been designed by our Technical Director and are specifically oriented to improve participants skills.

Club Training

Team trainings main objective is to develop team cohesiveness and tactics. Training sessions are designed to advance both the individual players and the level of the team technically & tactically.


As a very important part of the development, participation on some of the most important tournaments in Spain would be a key aspect in the competitiveness of our program. Our players will be participating in at least one relevant tournament every three months, for instance MIC (Mediterranean International Camp) and Cotif Cup.


Our participants will participate in at least 5 games against top club’s youth academies. Those academies belongs to professional clubs currently playing in the first or second Spanish football divisions.

Football Reports

The purpose of our soccer reports is to evaluate to all players the most relevant football aspects such as: Technical Ability, Tactical Awareness, Physical Aspects and Personality traits.


Kaptiva Sports Academy workshops will be conducted by significant sports related speakers. Former players, coaches, sport professionals, etc.. will offer to our participants a professional vision on the world of high competition sports.

Video Analysis

The integration of a new software will allow our coaches to get constant feedback to the players on the areas to improve and also will keep parents up to date on the improvements and work done. A working tool that will let the player see first hand how to improve on those needed areas and see reflected this work done on his everyday basis.

Sport Nutritionist

Guidance through which our athletes will receive nutritional counseling and education on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health and performance.

Sport Psychologist
Regular monitoring, instruction and training of psychological skills for performance improvement:

  • Enhance performance
  • Cope with the pressures of competition
  • Recover from injuries
  • Maintenance of an exercise program
  • Enjoyment of the sport

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From KSA we realize how important and difficult is to establish a common football philosophy of playing among all our projects all over the world.

But we really want to accept the challenge implementing general concepts that all of our players will follow in game situations and which will be the basis of our methodology and training contents. We understand this general concepts as a “KAPTIVA SPORTS ACADEMY GAME MODEL”

KSA Game Model will be achieved following the next key points and guidelines for players:



• Create a friendship relationship among players and members of the club
• Freedom to propose, innovate and try different sports situations
• Achieve easy goals to look forward easily
• Variety of drills to practice analytical and real situations according their ages and level.
• Comfortable working atmosphere
• Understand, believe and follow Kaptiva Sports Academy game model



• General development of the player (Sport and Social behavior)
• Coaches need education expertise
• To adapt practice session to each level
• Players need to get motivated and compete every day
• Respect for team mates, rivals, playing rules, coaches and other people involved in organization
• Watch, think, decide and execute

• Enjoy soccer day by day



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