Desarrollo del fútbol y Bachillerato Internacional

Academia de fútbol Madrid

Los mejores jugadores pueden vivir su sueño de jugar en una academia de fútbol de élite. Madrid es una de las capitales mundiales del fútbol en Europa. Un excelente ambiente para desarrollar tus habilidades futbolísticas mientras estudias Bachillerato Internacional.

Un equilibrio perfecto entre el entrenamiento de élite y los académicos, Kaptiva Sports Academy permite a los jugadores desarrollarse con el entorno perfecto, las herramientas y el personal en una de las capitales de fútbol del mundo, Madrid. Los jugadores no solo progresan en su aspecto futbolístico, sino también en su crecimiento personal a través del programa de 10 meses.

Un programa completamente integrado que ayuda a los estudiantes atletas, de 14 a 17 años de todo el mundo, a alcanzar su máximo potencial.

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El personal de nuestra academia técnica lleva a cabo entrenamientos intensos para desarrollar habilidades futbolísticas y preparar a los jugadores para el más alto nivel en juegos y torneos contra equipos nacionales e internacionales. Las sesiones de entrenamiento individualizadas se utilizan para desarrollar habilidades técnicas y movilidad, mientras que el objetivo principal del entrenamiento del club es desarrollar la cohesión y táctica del equipo.

Se agregan herramientas adicionales como clases magistrales, análisis de video e informes de progreso para crear un programa de fútbol completo y completo para completar el desarrollo de élite.


Kaptiva Sports Academy Madrid reside en la residencia escolar SEK-El Castillo en Villafranca del Castillo, al noroeste de Madrid. Las instalaciones de embarque son ideales para nuestros jugadores de fútbol de alto rendimiento, ya que tienen acceso a salas de estudio, lavandería diaria, sala de televisión, servicio estudiantil y seguridad las 24 horas, y más. También están a un paso de las principales áreas deportivas y recreativas que ofrece SEK.

Durante el tiempo libre, los estudiantes pueden usar el servicio de transporte de la escuela que completa los traslados de estudiantes entre el aeropuerto, el autobús y las estaciones de tren. Vivir en Kaptiva Sports Academy enseña a los jugadores independencia y responsabilidad, que son cruciales para las carreras profesionales.

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Centrándose en el desarrollo personal, Kaptiva Sports Academy ofrece a los jugadores herramientas, el medio ambiente y proyectos educativos con el objetivo de expresarse y desempeñar un papel en su proceso. Se espera que los jugadores se centren no solo en el esfuerzo en el campo, sino también en su vida cotidiana.

El personal de desarrollo personal de Kaptiva Sports Academy está especializado en las áreas educativas y sociales del desarrollo infantil y siempre busca ayudar a los jugadores a crecer.


La academia de fútbol de élite en Madrid incluye el programa académico de Bachillerato en SEK- El Castillo. Este programa permite a los estudiantes obtener una educación de calidad con una escuela académica que comprenda las necesidades de los atletas. SEK- El Castillo es un internado de gran prestigio para los atletas y tiene experiencia en atender sus necesidades para tener éxito en el aula y los deportes.
IB prepara a los estudiantes para la universidad con énfasis en una educación integral que promueva habilidades fundamentales como la independencia, la gestión del tiempo y el autoaprendizaje.


Football ProgramAgesDatesMore InformationApply now
Annual Program12 to 17 years oldSeptember to JuneMore InfoApply now
6 months Program12 to 17 years oldJanuary to JuneMore InfoApply now
One week academy program12 to 17 years oldAny week during the seasonMore InfoApply now
Football Summer Camp11 to 17 years oldJuly 2022More InfoApply now


Annual program
September to June
13 to 17 years old
6 months program
January to June
13 to 17 years old
One week program
Any week during the season
11 to 17 years old
Football Summer camp
4th-16th July
12 to 17 years old


“Matt experiences both on and off the soccer field have been more than a dream come true for him”

Mr. & Ms. Landry (KSA parents)

“Kaptiva has aided me in setting up my future by offering a wide variety of options for development and success throughout all different age categories.”

Aguistin Spaan (KSA Player)

“In the past year KSA has been a stepping stone towards success. They allow you to express yourself on the pitch as well as off the pitch. KSA gave me the opportunity to find out what level I’m at, measuring myself with professional teams around the world, getting to experience many different cultures from around the world.

Kwinda (KSA player)

“Amazing experience and quality program!”

Jose D'Oliveira (KSA player)

“Let me express my gratitude for Kaptiva, the whole team, thank you!
Just dropped my son at the residence, his eyes were bright and so happy to be back. That’s truly all a mother and a father wants for their child, a happy soul. He is looking forward to achieving the best he can be.
We were greeted by a wonderful team, a warm welcoming!
Every little single detail in the residence was thought of carefully, one can tell straight away. Everything was perfect, and I mean it, perfect.
And let’s get started with a brilliant year, lots of hard work, laughs and success to all ☀️⚽️?”

Katia Miyazawa (KSA parent)

“My son has just returned from Kaptiva after 12 months there. It was the best experience of his life to date. He loved the school, the fellow students, the training and the games. I can not recommend it highly enough. Being from Australia, it was a difficult decision to make to send my 15 year old so far away but he was so well cared for and supported, and learnt so much about soccer, that I would do it all again if i could.”

Donns Cook (KSA parent)

“Our son Yannick joined Kaptiva Sports Academy in september 2019. Expectations were very high after he passed the trials, earlier in March. And these high expectations were all met! The programme was excellent, the young staff matey but firm. As his parents we felt comfortable to leave Yannick in their hands.
Unfortunately Yannick tore his cruciate ligament early in the season, and we thought that that was the end of his Kaptiva adventure. Thanks to the tremendous effort of the staff, he had surgery by the best team he could get (the surgeons of FC Barcelona, thanks to Figi) and was coached throughout most of his revalidation, until Corona forced him to go home.  We have seen Yannick grow as a person, become mentally stronger.
Last year turned out differently than expected, but we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks Kaptiva!”

Cynthia casper Hengstman (KSA parent)

“The Academy provides an opportunity for our son to pursue his dream of a Footballer, while continuing his schooling in an English environment at the same site with first class facilities. The Academy also provides valuable exposure and our son had the privilege to participate in the MIC tournament and to visit world class Football Clubs / facilities such as Valencia, Sevilla and Manchester (both City and United). Based on our experience, we strongly recommend KAPTIVA to anyone wishing to give their child the opportunity of pursuing their Football dream”

Caby and Lana Cabanelas (KSA parents)

“The bottom line is that if you are looking for an intensive soccer program in a safe environment (Sant Cugat is a great little town), run by caring, dedicated professionals, we would highly recommend Kaptiva Sports Academy “

Carolina Robbio (KSA parents)

“Kaptiva Sports Academy is highly recommended. Three years of training with the Spanish soccer way, improvement as a footballer is very good. Also growing as a person is something they all learn. We are very satisfied with the school, living arrangement and the soccer sessions…”

Bård Karlsen (KSA parent)

“My son has just returned from Kaptiva after 12 months there. It was the best experience of his life to date. He loved the school, the fellow students, the training and the games. I can not recommend it highly enough. Being from Australia, it was a difficult decision to make to send my 15 year old so far away but he was so well cared for and supported, and learnt so much about soccer, that I would do it all again if i could”

Donns Cook (KSA parent)


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