Kaptiva Sports Academy holds a collaborative agreement with AGM, educational consultant specialized in international mobility for students and athletes to the US. The main purpose is to offer everyone a unique opportunity to study at an American university with athletic and academic scholarships. 

Since 2004, AGM has assisted more than 1,300 students and has achieved more than $70 million in scholarships that were offered by American Universities


General data AGM

  • Number of students who have helped: + 1300
  • Fellowship overall average: $22,039
  • Number of players we have helped: 237
  • Average football scholarship: €20,976.70
  • Dollars earned: $24,353,813

College placement

One of the most important and decisive aspects to study in the US is the high amount of scholarships and aid American universities provide. In many cases, these are essential to upfront the costs of the studies (between $15-50,000 per year).
The team at AGM contacts hundreds of coaches to try and make students and athletes compete in college leagues while they study a degree. We find the best options among more than 1,200 universities that offer athletic scholarships. These scholarships help students and are used as an economic resource to reduce the costs of studying in the US. Also you can combine them with academic scholarships to obtain the highest amount possible. Throughout all the process, the team at AGM, athletes who have been educated in the US and have gone through this experience, help, assess and walk through this process the families with all the process towards obtaining admissions at an American university.

Study in the USA

There are different options to finance your education in the US with academic, athletic or international. This aid, offered by American universities, are arranged throughout the admissions process.
At AGM we find options at more than 1,200 universities, both private and public, in the US. There is a wide range of universities and different options when applying to them, depending on academic and financial situation of each student and family. In order to obtain a good academic scholarship, you need to finish High School and pass the SAT and TOEFL exams.


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