Kaptiva goes to Amsterdam: training with Ajax

Every time our players travel around we feel happy because it is a great experience for all of us. We really enjoy going to other cities to train and push our game to the limit. It’s vital to get involved with other teams to help our players improve while having fun. Today we are going to recap the last trip when the Kaptiva Sports team went to Amsterdam, home of the famous Ajax team. It was a nice opportunity to keep developing while learning about the different way of training.

The Ajax team

Ajax is probably the most important team in the Netherlands. All-time great players like Johan Cruyff or Patrick Kluivert have played for Ajax team. They have already won 4 Champions League and over 30 leagues. It’s without a doubt one of the best teams in the world and a great place to learn about the tactics of the game.

It was a pleasure for our players to train and develop for a couple of days in Amsterdam. It’s always important to take time to travel and to learn from other teams in order to keep evolving the skills of our players. It’s the best way to compete with other teams and it allows our players to have a great training experience while traveling the world.


The trip

The trip was amazing and our players had a wonderful weekend together. They had the opportunity to train with the Ajax training program for three days, but they also had a chance to meet one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Amsterdam is just a great place to spend a few days and they all treated us really well.

We love seeing our players having a great time together! It’s probably one of the best feelings we’ve had during our experience in Amsterdam. Playing at Kaptiva Sports Academy is not just about becoming the best player but also having great experiences all over Europe. That’s what makes the difference when developing players.

The experience

They had the best experience they could have to bond as a team and to keep improving their game. Training with a different program will help them understand the game and they will be able to play with the confidence to succeed. It’s the best-proven way to develop all the skills that will make them a better soccer player and a well-rounded person.

The three days they spent in Holland were a great opportunity to play soccer and visit Amsterdam. We had to train hard and we learned a lot about the Ajax coaching training system. All of our players had a great time and went totally crazy with the time they had to live as an Ajax pro player. In the end, they were totally grateful for having the opportunity to train and feel like a FIFA player.


Why Kaptiva?

We love developing players to help them reach their full potential but we also understand how important it is to travel around with our players. They need to feel like real pro players in order to make them improve every skill and develop the way they are supposed to keep improving their game. Making them travel is a great way to help them become a unity and play as a team.

Soccer is all about teamwork and effort. Taking them around to learn from other coaching styles is the most convenient way to keep evolving their game. We understand how important it is to keep developing and learning strategies from different coaching styles. In the end, those experiences will make them a more complete player and will help them evolve their own game.

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